Tuesday, November 10, 2009

...like slipping into a comfy pair of old slippers....

Its been too long since I've blogged. Life gets busy, and sometimes you just have to let some things go and concentrate on the things that REALLY matter. For me, that was our family scheduling with all the sporting events, and spending time on the phone with members of my Beachbody Coaching team. (www.beachbodycoach.com/TRACIMORROW2)

So lots of things have been happening around here obviously. How could there NOT be a lot going on with 8 people living in this house!? ;o) But as far as my fitness goes, I have been in that place where its just about the self discipline of getting it done. Not really loving it, not training for anything, but understanding that I'm improving the quality of my life in the short and long term each time I work out. Good thing I had a set routine of WHEN I workout, or I might have slipped into that all too common pattern of "taking a break" that I see in the people I coach. (trust me - I was tempted some days because well, life is busy and I always have SOMETHING else I could be doing. Dont we all? Its the never ending internal struggle.)

For anyone who knows me, you know that I love to run. It clears my head, its therapeutic, and it keeps me a SANE, and NICE, and BALANCED wife and mom. :) But that too had lost its charm. In 2008-09 I ran 4 half marathons and in the first half of 2009 I trained and ran in the LA Marathon. Afterwards, I ran a couple times and then just gave myself a pass to NOT RUN for a few months. I was burnt out, and I didnt want to turn something I loved into just another chore. Running has been Holy Ground for me on many, many occasions; while I run I "do business" with God. :) Intimate prayer, where I talk to Him, and He in turn speaks to me.

When my head feels so packed with information and my never ending "to do list", going for a 4-6 miler helps me gain clarity and focus. I cant explain it well, but I never want to lose the beauty of a run and what it does for me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I carefully pick songs that move or inspire me, and when I put on my iPOD and map my run, its not just exercise, its self discipline set to my own personal sound track. :) I know. I may sound like a nutjob, but I sure hope we get to run on those streets of gold in heaven, in slipper-fit eternal running shoes. ;) (I just hope my legs are a little longer - is that asking too much? ;o))

Anyway, two weeks ago (before I got sick) I woke up and knew it was time. I laced up my shoes, dug out my iPOD arm band, and hit the road after I delivered the kids to their four different schools. And it felt SO GOOD. :) All morning I was anticipating it, and as I closed the front door behind me and adjusted my headphones, I could already tell it was going to be a good run. :) My point being that sometimes its okay to lay down the things you get tired of in your fitness and for lack of a better expression: 'put in your time' to maintain your good health & fitness. It only makes picking it back up again all the sweeter; like slipping into a comfy pair of old slippers. You remember WHY you loved it in the first place, and you appreciate it with a fresh perspective as those endorphins kick in as your reward.

God and I had an EXCELLENT time together that day, and I felt my head clear like I havent felt since I stopped running those few months before. And while I felt the effects of not having run for that long, I know that will come right back with consistency and time. I'm just happy to be back.

Once I'd finished my cool down walk and stretch, I opened up that front door a different woman than the one who had closed it on her way out, with a smile that only God saw. That run was like coming home to who I am.
And it always feels good to come home. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Excelling at What You Do ~by Rick Warren

This was my daily devotional today and I thought it so good it was worth sharing.

Rick Warren is the pastor of the megachurch Saddleback Church, and New York Times bestselling author. He was asked by President Barack Obama to give the invocation at the presidential inauguration earlier this year.

When looking to improve and excel, it only makes sense that you look to people who are excelling in their particular area of expertise and learn what THEY did. Here, Pastor Warren shares some sound, biblical principles regarding excellence.

Have an EXCELLENT day!

August 12, 2009

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people” (Colossians 3:23 TEV).

During the 2008 Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps gave us an extraordinary display of the pursuit of excellence. But the truth is every athlete in the Olympics pursues excellence as peak performers in their categories of competition.The Bible identifies five characteristics of people who excel at what they do.

1. People who excel work with enthusiasm. Regardless of whether the job is big or small, give it your best. Great performers give their best effort, no matter the size of the audience: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people” (Colossians 3:23 TEV).

2. People who excel sharpen their skills. They never stop developing, growing, learning, and improving: “If your ax is dull and you don’t sharpen it, you have to work harder to use it. It is smarter to plan ahead” (Ecclesiastes 10:10 TEV). It takes more than desire to excel, it takes skill! Remember, you’re never wasting time when you’re sharpening your “ax.”

3. People who excel keep their word. They are reliable. They can be counted on to do what they say they’ll do. So they excel because people of integrity are rare in our society: “Everyone talks about how loyal and faithful he is, but just try to find someone who really is!” (Proverbs 20:6 TEV).

4. People who excel maintain a positive attitude. Even under pressure, or change, or unrealistic demands, they don’t allow themselves to become negative: “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life . . .” (Philippians 2:14–16 NIV). And remember: “If your boss is angry at you, don’t quit! A quiet spirit can overcome even great mistakes” (Ecclesiastes 10:4 NLT).

5. People who excel do more than is expected. This is a secret that every successful person has discovered. You’ll never excel by only doing what is required. Jesus said, “If someone takes unfair advantage of you, use the occasion to practice the servant life. No more tit-for-tat stuff. Live generously” (Matthew 5:40–42 MSG).

The Broadway lyricist Oscar Hammerstein once told the story of seeing the top of the Statue of Liberty from a helicopter. He was impressed because of the incredible detail the artist had sculpted on an area that no one was expected to see. In fact, the Statue of Liberty was completed with no idea that man would someday be able to fly over the statue!

When you’re tempted to cut corners, thinking, “No one will ever know,” remember God is looking down and sees everything you do. Give him your best this week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

INSANITY - week 4 - Shoes, Toes, Legs, & Sweat

Okay, so I've not been as good as I thought I'd be about sharing my journey here. Oopsie. Man, summer is full when you run a home business and have 6 kids! ;o)

So playing INSANITY catch up:

Week 1: I thought it was a blast, but was concerned that the muscle groups (predominantly legs) weren't getting enough of a rest to really heal. On day four I was feeling an injury from overuse starting to come on in my quads (vastus lateralis to be exact). It was on both quads, and I really babied it while I continued to do the workouts. I realized about day two how critically important GOOD SHOES are for these workouts. On the second workout I started out with some cool looking shoes that are clearly NOT for this type of cross training. I paused in the warmup to change my shoes. My running shoes arent good either for this. They dont provide enough support around the toes/metatarsals for moves like Suicide Drills. I recommend supportive, but not clunky cross trainers.

Week 2: The vastus lateralis apparently was just awakening as the pre-injury no longer even hints at taking a break. I'm encouraged. I'm loving the workouts, and am feeling stronger and stronger. Im starting to dig deeper, squat lower, and move faster without having to pause to catch my breath, punch my leg, and jump back in. I'm starting to miss my P90X weight workouts, not gonna lie. (not to mention that Horton guy :))

Week 3: Fit Test #2! Man, my numbers are through the roof! I was feeling stronger, but there is nothing like taking a test to determine your growth! I cannot believe how in two short weeks I went from feeling like the test was beating the tar out of me, to feeling like a worthy match for this bad boy. :)

**Got a chance to speak with Shaun T(hompson) and felt like I really got to know him as a person. I am happy to report that he is every bit the good guy I assumed he was from the little interaction I've had with him personally before these calls, not to mention how he reads from the tv. He has an incredible story, and I was THANKFUL he graciously carved out time to spend with our team on our National Team Genesis Call. :) Team Gen now Hearts Shaun T! :)

Week 4: Broken Toe: DOH! On Saturday night - the night before my weekly day off I hit my pinky toe so badly I'm cringing as I type it to remember it. I was barefoot in the backyard with an armload and walked too closely to a deck chair! OW!!!!! I separated that little toe so far out my skin split. <<>>

I immediately iced it and elevated it to reduce swelling, and thanks to my friend Anne Dovel I put on a shoe first thing the next morning to hold in the swelling. This worked, and though it did swell in a funky shoe pattern (I should have taken a picture) it didnt swell nearly as badly as if I'd left it uncontained. By Monday it was a bit black and blue, still swollen, but I was able to tape it and get my Pure Cardio workout in.

Now, I'm not an idiot (well, about this anyway ;o)) and would not have done the workout if I felt pain. But I just adjusted my moves so I predominantly moved off my big toe and hardly felt it but a few times. :) YAY!

So far my experience with INSANITY is a love fest! :) I can visibly see the difference in my legs, and as I said before, my stamina is THROUGH THE ROOF! :)

Oh! I almost forgot to write about the joy of finding that I DO SWEAT! For those who know me, you know I dont really sweat. I get a little "glowey" ;o) but even in my marathon I didnt do much more than glow. And I'm working hard - dont get me wrong, its just a genetic thing. But with INSANITY - I am literally dripping wet after the first half of the workout. The first time I felt sweat running down my forehead I thought it was my bangs falling out of the clip. Then it ran into my eye. ??!?!? I excitedly but sarcastically said to KC, "What is this salty discharge??!" So for me it must be keeping my heart rate high consistently that does the trick, but its a nice feeling to finish your workout and be dripping wet. It just FEELS like you really brought it. :) I love that.

Little nervous for the next phase, but just taking one day at a time for now. Its all I have to really work with, anyway. :)

Be blessed today!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

INSANITY - The Journey :)

Tony Horton always talks about Variety. I am a fan of variety and keeping it new. Its why I love the monthly subscription to One on One with Tony Horton workouts. Always something new! And typically, if its a workout dvd, all my "newness" is centered around Tony's wide range and variety of workouts. I love him, I love his style, he makes me laugh, and I truly believe he's the best at what he does. :) He's taught me what I know about fitness and training people, and, well, the list goes on. I think you get the picture. I am Tony Horton's #1 fan. (and am in good company with many thousands of others claiming the same title :) )

Tony is the first to say "Change it up!" So to you fellow #1 TH Fans, know that its not a lack of loyalty to Tony to change over for the next 60 days, if you're feeling that way. :) We'll forever be Tony fans, but I gotta say, I am a new FAN of Shaun T. I like his style of training, the music in the dvd's that seemingly was written perfectly to every move in the workout, and I'm a fan of feeling like I'm in training for an athletic event. I'm a runner, and want to try a triathlon for fun, and I believe this is an EXCELLENT training program for an event such as that!

I'll log my journey as often as I can, so feel free to follow along either on facebook or here on my blog (http://www.traciplus7.blogspot.com/)

So after Day's one (fit test, which is a workout in itself!) and Two (Plyo-Cardio) here is what I've come up with in the way of coaching tips: :)

1. NOURISHMENT. I need to eat something (good carb) in the two hours before this workout. I used to workout on an empty stomach in the morning or evening; I cannot do that with this workout if I want clean form and to finish strong.

2. LIQUID. I drink about 12oz of water with 1/2 - 3/4 serving of Recovery Formula throughout the workout. Water just doesnt do it. With 25 minutes to go in my workout, where it doesnt get easier, but harder; I NEED the Recovery Formula. This also helps with soreness in the following days.

3. CLEAN FORM (deep squats, high knees, tight core, knees over the ankles in the jump-squats) is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than speed or numbers. Tony taught me this, and its true in anything you do. Sloppy/tired moves might bring higher numbers, but especially with this intense, non stop workout I NEED to concentrate on executing clean form. If a mirror is available - work out in front of one. Once you've viewed yourself doing the clean moves, then you get the FEEL of what the move should feel like, and then you need the mirror less.

4. ATTITUDE. Tony always says "you're stronger than you think". This is so true, and you prove that when you do something hard. I dont care if you're doing INSANITY, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, or Power90; dont be afraid to push yourself within the boundaries of safety. I think you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised with what you can do, and get a healthy dose of self esteem when you stop telling yourself you CAN'T, and find out what you truly CAN do! :) Its liberating!

5. ACCOUNTABILITY. I'm going through this with friends. First thing I did is ask my friend Jason to be my INSANITY buddy. :) I have since found that other friends like Nina and Judy and Marc and JD are doing it also! All the better - the more the merrier! We ARE striving for a REVOLUTION!, afterall! :)

6. SLEEP. I am asking a lot from my body with these workouts. We all are as we do our own workout program. Our bodies recover as we sleep, so be sure to get AT LEAST 7 hours!!!!

7. SUPPLEMENTS. I am finding that I am RELYING on my supplements to do just that; supplement my nutrition plan so my body is getting everything it needs to get through my workouts strong, and have enough energy to spare to last me from sun up to sun down! :) I am supplementing my healthy diet with:

Peak Health Multivitamin
P90X protein bars
Omega 3
Joint Supplement (like oil to my tin man joints! Darn getting old and arthritis!!!)
Calcium Magnesium

So there you have it. Just typing about it makes me excited for my journey, so I think I'll go log my workout into WOWY! :)

I hope my synopsis will be helpful for you; no matter which program you have.

And as always, if you'd like to be coached by a coach on my team, we're here to help!

Please reach out today!!

TOGETHER....we're BETTER!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Magazines everywhere call us to live a healthy lifestyle. News articles and programs tell us how obese we are as a country (over 200,000 adults in the US are overweight or obese), and the health and wellness industry claim over $80 billion in revenue in the US alone. And yet....clearly its not providing lasting results and long term lifestyle changes because the obesity rates continue to climb despite the money we're spending to combat it.

I read an article on MSNBC.com (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25464987) that talks about New York law requiring restaurants to show their customers the nutritional facts of everything on their menus. While for some, the response to this is "FINALLY!!! It's about time!"; to most, its shocking and rattling the patterns of guiltless (and up to this point, uninformed!) eating. When in the world did we ever get to the place where we eat whatever, and however much we want without ever wondering if we SHOULD be eating it all? There is a definite shift happening, and if you read the above article, you'll see that many arent all that happy to be in the midst of the shift.

What Beachbody calls a Revolution is just that; but on such a deeper level than many think. Dictionary.com defines revolution as "a sudden, complete or marked change in something". The Beachbody Revolution is a COMPLETE change alright! People all over our country (and even beyond our borders) are learning how to change how they eat and view food, change from being inactive & complacent to living more active engaged, but also, and perhaps more importantly, change from living isolated from person to person contact (twitter, facebook, texting, emailing) to the accountability that comes from reconnecting socially & personally to another person; their Beachbody Coach and the Beachbody Community. Longterm change requires people linking together and saying unilaterally: "We're instigating change, and we're in this TOGETHER!" And as pastor and author Rick Warren states in his New York Times Best Seller "Purpose Driven Life" "We're better TOGETHER!!"

You see, making life changes and new choices is ENTIRELY possible by attaching meaning and accountability when you DECIDE>COMMIT>SUCCEED (Beachbody's catch phrase), and tie it tightly together with the strings of accountability. And there are hundreds of thousands of customers (and coaches) who are determined to do just that: SUCCEED...TOGETHER.

Are YOU reading this and your internal bells are going off? Do you feel energized and hopeful that your time has come? Have you had a diagnosis or pre-diagnosis of diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure? Has your doctor told you that you need to lose weight? Did you go to put on your clothes this morning and find they are just too snug?

WONT YOU JOIN OUR REVOLUTION? Together we're better, and
we are waiting for YOU!!

Email me if you'd like to join my Team Beachbody Revolution Team. :)
I've got a team of coaches waiting to link arms to help you in your PERSONAL REVOLUTION! :)
Wanting all God's best for you!!

TRACI +7 :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Problem with Shakeology......

I've been using Beachbody's programs and products since I found them back in 2003. Every time they've introduced a new trainer or a new program - I bought it. When they began The Club - I signed up. When they released a whole line of supplements, I started using them. My kids.....they weren't immediate fans. Let me explain. Beachbody and my friendship with Tony represented one thing to them:
"The End of the Good Food". In an effort to set KC and myself up to succeed, we didnt keep ANY food in the house that we were trying to not eat. Consequently, with the elimination of "tempting" foods in my house, it meant my kids got what they got, and didnt have a say. In hindsight, I might have eased them out a bit more slowly, but at the time, I was the "foodnazi" and if it wasnt good; "NONE FOR YOU!!" ;o) It was not uncommon to hear "I HATE that you found Beachbody!" or "Mom, I wish you never met Tony -then we could be eating like we used to!" I laugh now, 6 years later, but it caused MANY arguments within the family when KC and I chose to dramatically alter how we ate. I did it in such a rookie way - but hey - I was a health rookie!

Needless to say, I've had a bit of trouble getting my kids onboard for the whole "healthy lifestyle" I am so excited about. I buy them all Activit every month. I have a cupboard of Activit bottles because they conveniently forget. I think its their personal rebellion. :) But I dont give up!! With the passing of time, I've realized that by eliminating all foods that I wouldnt choose for them to eat was potentially causing TOO MUCH importance to be placed on food and I didnt want closet junk foodies when they went to college. So I've compromised my foodnaziism as far as they are concerned and in turn, its made them less opposed. Amazing how that works. Now that my oldest three are teenagers, the girls suddenly are asking about a healthy food plan, and my son is asking how he can add muscle to his lean frame. :) :) :) Do you SEE me smiling? By me loosening my dictatorship so to speak, over the food rules of the house, I actually enabled them to HEAR me. :) Ahh...we're all learning....even the parents!

Now enter Shakeology - I bought one home direct order for me, and one for KC. That is one month supply for each of us....or it should have been. Until the kids tried it and decided that was the perfect snack when they got home from school, or when they are rushing out the door to music lessons or bible study and they dont want to eat the pizza offered at church. (thats another topic - dont get me started ;o)) And now I find myself in a quandry; all these years I've been DYING for them to eat how I eat and catch the bug - and now that they finally do - I find myself coveting my precious bag of Shakeology!?!?!! What is my problem??? :)
So I ordered more, and it still seems to not be enough. Their friends like it. My toddlers love "Shake-ah-gee". (*though special note here that kids under 3 shouldn't have it daily*) Every time I go to make my own shake, the blender is in the sink soaking and/or worse, the bags empty. ??? Over and over KC or I am giving the lecture "After you make Shakeology, you HAVE to clean the blender for the next guy!!" And while we're on the subject, where are all the banana's and why is the once 'not touched with a 10 foot pole' almond butter suddenly always on the grocery list? The other day I found 4 - not 1, not 2, not 3 - FOUR EMPTY Shakeology bags STILL IN THE CUPBOARD!!! This called for a plan - as of yesterdays visit from the UPS man - I am not only well stocked, but have back up too. ;o) So while I'm thrilled that my kids are finally grasping the healthy Beachbody way - it's taken some unexpected adjusting on my part too! :)

All in all, not a bad problem to have......and one easily remedied!
Do YOU have Shakeology??

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bringin It with the Elderly :)

My mother in law Betty is a sweet little 86 year old woman with dementia. We struggled and struggled earlier this year as it came time to put her into a care facility where she would be taken care of 24/7 but out of her home with her hubby. But God was so faithful every painful step of the way and now here we are - 4 months later and she is doing SO WELL, has many friends, and is even playing along in the daily activities with her new friends. Tonight my daughter Lyndsi's art was in an art show near where Betty lives, so we went to the show and then on to see Betty. Its a funny thing about dementia; it brings people back to childlike ways; no matter who they were or what titles they held as younger men and women. There are nurses, teachers, professors, accountants, and fighter pilots from World War II living here. Each one has a story to tell and when we showed up, we were greeted with big smiles and hugs. I tell ya, its like we're celebrities arriving on the scene. My kids hug all the grandmas and grandpas and are told how cute they are and how much they've grown. Every time. :) Even if they just saw them three days before! :)
So we arrive, and typically take Betty for a walk outside in the garden. She and all the residents use walkers, so she'll grab her walker (or whoevers happens to be closest to where she's sitting - ha!) and we'll head out into the (cool & breezy today) afternoon. I love those times where she tries to remember the names of the flowers and tells me about her friends. :) Today, we ended up with a couple others joining us; we jokingly called ourselves a parade. One of my favorite moments is when we came in and passed by a wall of hats hanging on hooks for "dress up" for the residents. :) We all grabbed one and had a photo moment. :)
But what I really love about this place is that there is daily exercise of the brain and/or body. They get PE! :) What is PE for little elderly people who all use walkers? They sit them all in a big circle in the main living room and today they set up bowling pins with a rubber bowling ball and everyone got to BOWL! :) I volunteered as the pin setter upper (thats an official term ;)) and head "cheerleader", whooping it up as each one set up and bowled. I tell you it was the cutest thing ever. Many didnt remember until they were told by workers "Mr. Gates was a big bowler in his time!" or "Betty used to play in a league for years." and then they'd roll that ball with a bit more attitude than the time before! :)

Everyone got one turn (2-3 rolls) to knock the pins down, before their short attention spans were shot and ready for snack time, but it was SO CUTE! If only I'd logged them into WOWY!? ;o) hee The point here is that you're never too old to get active and find fun ways to get moving - WITH FRIENDS! :) Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be Inspired By My Friend John!

If you have tried diet after diet, and that didn't pan out for you, you may be at a place where you feel like losing weight and getting healthy and fit might not be for you. I am *happy* to encourage you that it IS ~ with an inspiring story from my friend JOHN CASWELL, who with the support and love of his wife AUDREY, decided that it was time to make a change. He started out making little changes here and there to his diet and by getting active by walking and such, and then.....well, I'll let Beachbody tell his story......


If you're inspired by John's story (he's now lost 119 lbs!) and would like to pick his brain, or have him for your coach, you can contact him at www.teambeachbody.com/JohnCaswell

Or, you can contact me and I can help you get started either with me, or someone on my team! Take your health back - it's what I'm here for!

Lets do this.....TOGETHER!



Saturday, April 4, 2009

And the winner of the iPOD is....

Kelly Newsom! :)
I held a contest for my PS coaches in February: Advance in rank and enter a drawing to win an iPOD. Kelly's name was the name I drew out of the bowl! YAY!! Congrats, Kel~
CONGRATS to the other coaches who advanced in rank in February- the real reward of course is building a business that lasts, and helping others get into shape! :)

Contest for March-April:

Step to Diamond or Star Diamond through April 30th and enter a drawing to win a Beachbody Banner (Grand Prize) and other cool prizes! (step to Diamond and beyond and you win something) :)

If you want to join my team, I'd love to have you! With the incredible programs and supplements and menu plans that Beachbody provides; we're building something that lasts! Investing in PEOPLE and helping them grab back their health and fitness....TOGETHER! :)

Cant wait to hear from you!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interested in Coaching? You're welcome to join my Beachbody Coaching Opportunity Webinar!

The longer I coach people and see them get the results they *HOPE* they'll get when they first purchased their infomercial in- home workout program, the more jazzed I get for other people to join with me and do the very same thing! Every week I host a webinar for people interested in the coaching opportunity - and I'd love to have you join my team of incredible people who are getting fit and healthy, and making a living doing so!

As a coach we get 25% discounts off of all Beachbody Programs and Products, and typically get to try the new stuff out a week or so before its released to everyone else! What could be better than getting a discount on something you're already using anyway?! :) I have friends who coach because the discount helps them "support their habit". :) What a great "habit", right?!

If you're a coach on my team already, please use this tool that I offer my team, but also make up your own and grow it on your own! Its not hard to do, and I'm happy to have you sit in with me till you get the hang of it,so you can feel confident enough to do it on your own! Duplication through relationship. :)

If you're looking for a home based business, and one that you can be PROUD OF....give it a shot!

Lets get this country (and soon, world!) HEALTHY and Fit! :)

Contact me if you're interested and I'll add you to my list of invitees! :)



Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shakeology....Fitness for your Insides :)

I'm so excited about Beachbody's recent release: Shakeology Meal Replacement Shake.....but its also a multi-vitamin of sorts as well! Every serving touts $40 worth of veggies! Thats a lot of veggies!
I have both flavors and though I'm partial to Greenberry, the Chocolate is growing on me too! :)
Its $119.95 for customers, but $89.95 for coaches! What a great bargain and "nudge" to become a coach - for the discount! :) No shame in that!!
I want to hear from you once you've ordered it and tried it! I think you'll find your body just RUNS cleaner on this stuff. For fun, I thought I'd include a video clip from Carl Daikeler - the CEO of Beachbody and a health nut who isnt a fan of veggies! :)
Check it out and drop me a line if you have questions! :) Replace just one meal a day with this shake and you'll see and FEEL better!
For more info on the science and health benefits of this awesome product, go to www.Shakeology.com
We're going for optimal health here - and THIS, combined with your workout dvd's will help you attain just that! :) WoooHoooo! :)

*CHEERS* to health and well-being!


***You can purchase Shakeology through my website: www.TRACIMORROW.com Just hit the SHOP FOR PRODUCTS button!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cancun - Day Three

For Facebook readers, go to www.TraciPlus7.blogspot.com to view video!

Cancun - Day Two

For Facebook readers, go to http://www.traciplus7.blogspot.com/ to view video!

You Too Can Be a Top Coach!

I just got home at midnight Thursday March 19th from spending 5 days in Cancun, courtesy of Beachbody. Beachbody does NOTHING half way! This company pulls out all the stops on their all expense paid trips, and after being treated to now my THIRD (holy smokes!) Beachbody trip, I want you to experience it too!!

The Coach Trips will be open to anyone looking to build their business by helping people REACH FOR THEIR DREAMS! :) Not a bad reward, for doing something that naturally rewards you anyway. In this economy, when times are tight, infomercial businesses THRIVE. That means that as more people are pulling in their purse strings, they're also looking for big personal changes. Thats where WE come in. :) We get to help people change their lives PHYSICALLY, and FINANCIALLY as coaches. I find that exciting! :)

If you've been kicking around the idea of getting fit, and perhaps trying the P90X (or P90X+ dvd's that that Traci Morrow is in :)) that you've seen on the ads, and heard Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore twittering about - just hit the photo of Tony Horton on the right side of my blog - I'd love to be your coach and help you take back your health! :)

And...if you're considering coaching - please email me at ABSoluteFitness@roadrunner.com - I'd love to invite you to my weekly coaching opportunity webinar to see if its a fit for you! :)

And then maybe YOU can be on the all expense paid Beachbody trip in 2010 which will be held on Kauai!

Make the Dream a REALITY!


For Facebook readers, go to www.TraciPlus7.blogspot.com to view the video!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From the Mouth of the CEO: C'mon team! Lets Huddle Up In the WOWY Super Gym!! :)

From Carl Daikelers Blog:

I want to see if we can surpass the WOWY Super Gym record at 11AM ET/8AMPT Saturday March 7th.It's the official start of "Dream Extreme Week" leading up to the big Summit. And it's a symbolic test to see if this bold idea of the Beachbody Revolution has yet achieved the power to get people engaged in their health and fitness.Out of a network of over 16,000 coaches, thousands more of Team Beachbody members, plus friends, family and co-workers, can we get more than 522 people to workout at the same time?

I actually don't know. I think so. But I also know that it will take more than me blogging here about it. It will take more than me contacting a few key coaches about it. It will take real leadership from our founders. It will take leadership from our Diamonds. And it will take the enthusiasm of our Ruby and Emerald coaches to get the word out in every way possible from today through the event.One workout on one Saturday. What's possible when we pull together? What's possible when at a minimum, everyone who reads this shows up and brings one person?We'll find out when we kick it off in the WOWY Super Gym at 11AM ET/8AMPT Saturday March 7th for the official start of "Dream Extreme Week".

Will I see you there?

An Interview with a 2009 Million Dollar Body Finalist :) My aunt; 62 year old MARY CRAWFORD!

People like to imitate Success. In fact, thats a leadership building principle. As a coach, I want to help you and anyone reading this hear first hand from a coach on my team (and my favorite title: My aunt :)) who was just honored with being named a $50,000 winner in the Million Dollar Body Game for GETTING HEALTHY!! Imagine that! :)

Please read on to learn a bit about how an ordinary person like you and me took the reins back for her health and fitness!

Make the Dream a Reality!!

What were the biggest things you had to overcome in your journey?
One of the hardest things for me to overcome on my journey was making the decision to start exercising!! It is hard to break old habits and ways of thinking and I knew that once I committed I didn't want to quit! so....I took one day at a time. Each day when I was ready to begin my workout, I said out loud....Mary, just push play!! It worked!!

What are your favorite supplements?
I take the TBB multi-vitamin Activit, Core Omega 3, Core Cal-Mag and Joint Support Formula. I love the Recovery Drink and the yummy Meal Replacement Bars and Shakes.

Which programs did you do – in the order that you did them?
I started with Power 90 and loved it!!! I got great results and still use the 3-4 workouts. The Masters Series is a great one too, and I especially loved the ones with my niece Traci Morrow in them!! :-) The Power half Hour and Slim in Six are great workouts as are Great Bodies Guaranteed and the Ten Minute Trainer!! I have enjoyed mixing them up and getting a fun variety going. I alternate the aerobic and weights but try to do abs daily.

Which is your favorite program for results?
Truly, I think they are all fab...but my sentimental favorite has to be Power 90!

What are some practical things that you notice since being fit?
The biggest thing for me is that I Feel Good!!!! I have way more energy and stamina so I can do things I love.... like playing with my grandkids...and to be completely truthful...I like being fit and trim too!! There is no down side to getting healthy!!

What are some FUN things that have happened since losing the weight?
I literally danced the night away at my nieces wedding and felt great the next day!! One of my brothers asked me how I could keep on going....and I said "TBB Baby!!" It was so much fun!! I love when people notice a difference in me....and ask me what did it?

What was your “Lightbulb Moment” when you realized that it “WAS TIME” to do it. By the book. Everyone’s is different, I’m interested in yours.
I was 61 &1/2 and felt miserable most of the time! My daughters were concerned for me and really encouraged me to make a change....to just try TBB and see if it would make a difference.... and of course it did!!! yippeeeeeeeee

What message would you want to send to people of all ages who are considering going for it?
Becoming fit and healthy is a wonderful way to live the life you have been given. You are worth it and you can do it!!

Are you accepting new people to join your coaching team and if so, how can they connect with you?
I'd love it!! They can email me and I will be happy to help them get started!!

***To contact Mary and get started on your own Team Beachbody Revolution, find her here, and tell her I sent ya: :)


TRACI +7 :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Awesome 8 Finalists have been announced....Now Its OUR turn to vote!

If you could have seen my spunky aunt, Mary Crawford at my cousin Joe's wedding, you would have just thought she was a woman struggling with health issues, though her smile never wavered. :) But the truth is, I was really sad. This lady always dressed cute and acted young, spunky and vibrant, and while her spirit didnt fade, she used a cane, wore special (I'm sorry, somewhat ugly) shoes because of her various aches and pains, wore pants to hide the shoes rather than a dress, and had experienced various health issues related to bone loss due to osteoporosis. I was really sad. This wasnt the aunt I knew and loved! Health issues were stealing her spunk and zest for life!

Her daughters felt the same, and came along side of her and got her to start Power90, then Masters Series, then the X! Yes - this former cane depending, ugly orthotic shoe wearing lovely woman was reclaiming her health!! And.....she did it all at 62 years of age!!!

She's not just an inspiration to those in her age bracket but to women everywhere! We CAN turn back the clocks along with Tony Horton's exercise programs, and she would be a wonderful, humble, smiley representative of the company and of womenkind! :)

Please join me and cast your vote for this wonderfully sweet grandma who CHANGED HER BODY & CHANGED HER LIFE!!!

If you're inspired and are looking to change YOUR life as Aunt Mary has changed hers - please email me today so we can get you started on YOUR journey!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Who do YOU think you are?

The reason I ask is because after having coached fellow Beachbody customers for 6 years now, I've found that how we view ourselves really has a lot to do with what we become. Let me explain.

When I first bought Power90 from an infomercial, I was 32 years old. I had been fit and active in highschool, and taught aerobics several times a week in my early 20's. I had 4 babies in 5 years and put on more weight with each additional baby; tipping the scales at 50+ pounds heavier than I typically weighed when I delivered baby #4 (my last biological child). I was active; I ran a few times a week and lost the weight after each baby with INTENTIONAL effort; eating less and exercising faithfully. At 32 years old, I had a large, young family and I stayed active by continuing to run 1-2 miles 3 or 4 times a week, and I played in 2 different adult soccer leagues on the weekends as a half back (read: lots of running). Makes you want to throw a shoe at me doesnt it? ;o) Well dont yet, cuz my story isnt as cut and dry "I've been healthy all my life, blah blah blah" as that might imply. :) I didnt eat any particularly healthy way - in fact, with our busy lifestyles, and spending lots of time on the soccer and baseball fields for our kids, we ate a lot from the dollar menu at fast food restaurants or the snack bar nachos (eew!!). But because I had youth and metabolism on my side, it didnt show any effects on my weight gain. UNTIL......

It seems like I hit 32 and my metabolism gave up. I had been mistreating my body by not eating healthy and letting my metabolism clean up after me. And forget about VARIETY in my workouts; I found what I liked and parked it there. Everything adjusted and settled into a nice little plateau. And thats when I put on weight; 15 lbs fast, without changing anything I was doing. My pants were getting tighter and I was tired all the time. I was the classic case of a 'bird eater'....I'd eat nothing all day till about 2 (I was busy with toddlers, laundry, schedule, working at the school, and I was a youth pastor for jr. highers, etc...) and then I'd carb load when I got the shakes because I was so starving I ate whatever I could grab on the go. HORRENDOUS HABITS!!! So though I might have looked like I was healthier than someone else who was carrying around some extra weight; I wasnt healthy at all. My metabolism had everyone (including me!) faked out! Until it betrayed me (hee ;o) ) and showed the real effects of what I was doing to my own body. At this rate, I was going to be 30 lbs heavier by the time I turned 33 and the scary part was that I had no idea what I had done wrong, or more importantly, what I needed to do right. Thats a sad and helpless place to be.

Now here's where how I viewed myself comes into play. I knew that extra weight WAS NOT me! I didnt want to say "Well, I'm 30-something, thats what women and men do after they settle down and have a family" HECK NO! I believe God made our bodies to be useful for all sorts of adventures right up to the end, and I want to live life to the FULLEST! :) I dont want to resign to being old, and accept this old body that starts to break alignment with my mind: the YOUTH in me! :) I can still tap into the feelings of being a teenager, cant you? Its funny how though 20 years have gone by, I still FEEL like the same person who walked the halls of my high school, dont you? A song comes on, I smell a scent from the old times, or I watch a movie that I loved as a younger version of myself, and it takes me right back! I want to be an ACTIVE & fun mom - an adventurous and energetic wife - a fun friend - who PLAYS!! :) I still like to pull pranks, do a cartwheel if I see a sunny patch of grass thats perfect cartwheel "space" ;), climb to the top of the rock wall, and I want to be able to still do the splits when I'm 60. :) THATS how I view myself, so when I started my very first Beachbody workout, I did so because I viewed myself as a fit person that needed a new plan. That the extra weight WASNT ME, and it needed to come off. And every day that I worked out and made healthier food choices (the Beachbody CLUB plans were BRILLIANT for helping me learn how to eat right!!) was because I was becoming who I REALLY felt I was: a healthy, fit, youthful, and spunky TRACI. :)

Who YOU think you are deep down, is who you work to be. Does that make sense? If you dont view yourself as fit and thin, then you arent as likely to be vicious about getting there. Its more like "I hope to get there.....but I never was, I've always been chubby, I'm not really an exercise person, I just love food, I dont know if I can, etc. etc. etc. etc." Do any of those sound like the things you've said about yourself, either aloud or just to yourself? Did you know that in doing so, you're setting yourself to be EXACTLY who you believe yourself to be?? Good or Bad.

You have the EXACT same muscles as a fitness/athletic competitor. The only thing separating you from the body you were meant to have is the food and exercise choices you make! You can ABSOLUTELY be fit, healthy, strong, thin, lively!!!!!!!!!!

Really take this in, and print it out somewhere you can see it daily:

The only things standing between the body you have today and the body you WANT to have are YOUR CHOICES!! What will you choose TODAY?

Ignore those voices in your head (that either have come from you or someone else) that have told you you cant do it. Thats simply not true. Its not true that its not in your genetics to be fit. NOT TRUE. Every single body type can be fit and healthy and active and strong. :) Every one. Whether you gain weight first in your hips, or your waist, or your neck, or your rear end, or your arms or in your earlobes...... :) .....every body type can be fit and lean. Start telling yourself NOW who you really are based on who you want to be, and then take those steps to fulfill the dream. I'm not talking about "I'm a lotto winner"....I cant say that will happen if you tell yourself that. :) Statistics probably would show otherwise. But believing yourself to be healthy and fit and WORTHY of that dream is absolutely possible. 100% of the the time! Not bad odds, right?

Set yourself up to succeed and tell yourself that
ITS POSSIBLE. When you work out, envision how strong and lean your muscles are becoming with every rep. Think in the *positive* and it will fuel your desire to BECOME what you believe about yourself!
Tony Horton said to me a few weeks ago "2009 is the year of YES!" :) Man, I love that!!!
Say YES to your healthy dreams and fit hopes for yourself....its YOUR YEAR!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

In Philly for QVC :)

Hey, if you happen to have some down time tonight and want to find a fun channel...check out QVC at 6pm PST (9pm eastern). I'm in Philly right now with Tony Horton filming two spots for P90X (we just finished one) today, and two more tomorrow promoting Ten Minute Trainer! :)Can I just say its FREEEEEZING here in Philly?! (and no -our beloved Eagles are NOT in Philly presently - their game Sunday is in Arizona, boohoo!) Anyway, yesterday in LA it was 86 degrees, and when I stepped of the plane I had a rude awakening to the 4 degree - yes, thats right - FOUR degree weather! WOW. Good thing I didnt wear my capri's!!! (Thanks Joey and Judy for giving me the 411 on appropriate Philly wear for the weekend! :) I love you guys for having my back! :))

Anyway, if you've been contemplating buying the X, DONT buy it from QVC! Now I love QVC and all, but if you buy it from them, you become a QVC customer, not a Beachbody customer. And if you buy it from the infomercial you might be assigned another coach! If you'd like to give the program a whirl, PLEASE go through my website: http://www.tracimorrow.com/ so the Beachbody system connects me to you for your coach! Otherwise, you'll be randomly assigned to another coach. :(
A new awesome infomercial is coming out where you can sign up to be a coach just like I am! Its incredibly exciting!! But there's a catch -if you sign up through the infomercial, you'll be assigned another coach - NOT ME!! :( And once you're there, you cant change! So if the infomercial inspires you to become a coach (and I highly recommend it! :)) PLEASE join through me directly so we aren't split up! Email me at ABSoluteFitness@roadrunner.com and I'll be happy to walk you through the steps of joining my growing, fun, incredible team of people helping other people!

We're fighting the trend of obesity - ONE RELATIONSHIP AT A TIME!
Join me, and make the dream a reality!!
Dont forget to check out QVC! Who knows what Tony will say!? :) You can bet it will be something goofy and funny. :)
Okay, after a 2:30am call time (where we have to be on the set dressed with hair and make up done) and working out from 5-6am eastern (remember my body is thinking its 2-3am) I am now back at the hotel and sleepy! I'm washing off my make up, putting back on my jammies and having a day nap before our show tonight! :) Right about now I'm so thankful for light blocking hotel drapes! I hate to leave my family, but boy do I have fun with Tony and the QVC gang - and my good friend Doug Fitzgerald is here too, along with a lovely, ultra fit lady named Shannon Grella!
Check out the QVC fun and drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you if you're ready to join me in this fun venture of getting and staying in shape, helping others do the same - and making some money doing it!
Hugs and a big, sleepy YAWN..... ;)
nitey nite...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The FUN of Accountability

I'm a fan of accountability. It makes me do things, go places, and talk to people I otherwise wouldn't. It keeps on task, and causes me to dig deep and go for broke, when alone I might have given up. Sure, I believe in self discipline and self control, but there is POWER in inviting someone else into your journey.
Case in point: this very morning. On Feb. 1st I am running a half marathon with many of my family members. Two of those family members are my own daughters, ages 12 and 14. It will be their first, and my fourth 1/2. My 12 year old daughters best friend (who is also running the half with us) invited my girls to run with her this morning at 6:45am. (Today is a BLESSED Saturday - meaning - my day to sleep in) My 12 year old passed, but my 14 year old (Holli) eagerly said yes! And they invited me to join them. They mapped out their run to include 6 miles through town on MAPMYRUN.com and set their alarms.
I set out my clothes the night before so as not to disturb KC as I rummaged through my dresser so early on his only day to sleep in, and set my alarm. I made sure my iPOD was charged and made sure I carb loaded a bit. (good carbs - sushi! :))
6:30 am my alarm went off in the dark. I didnt hear it AT ALL, but I did feel KC's hand sleepily tapping me on the back, which brought me "to" enough to roll over enough to shut that blasted monster off. :) But just waking up enough to turn it off, woke me up enough to think, "what is today? why is KC still here? Oh....its Saturday. Hm....no way am I getting up out of my warm electric blanket to go out into the 40-something degree weather to RUN. But I wonder if Holli is up..." I dragged my sorry self out of bed, tiptoed to her room and there she was, dressed to run and fiddling with her iPOD.

"Are you going, Mom? Cuz you look like you're in a daze." "I'm not...I'm going back to bed. Be quiet not to wake up the boys. Is Chloe up?" "Yeah...we've been texting. She'll be here soon."

I climbed back in bed. I thought, "How will I feel at 10am when I still have my run hanging over my head? Realistically will I do it? Wouldnt it feel so much better to go with the girls than go alone later?" Here my daughter got up on HER one day to sleep in to run. THATS ADMIRABLE DISCIPLINE. But its also because she had an accountability buddy. I rolled over and snuggled down deep into the warm blankets. But the visual of me running with the girls ran through my head. (no pun intended ;))
Long story short, I got out of bed, found her in the kitchen stretching, and said "I'm going too - can you wait for me?" "Yeah!!!!" :) I threw in my contacts, my running duds, a stocking hat to cover my bed head, and got my iPOD all set. I was feeling better already, and wide awake. We hit the road in the COLD morning air, and just 2 miles in did I see another mom from town, another Team Genesis coach, out on her own run! :) We smiled as we passed, both of us not bothering to quiet our music and I gave her an "air high five" and hollered "WOOOHOOO!". :) I felt a part of something bigger than just me - knowing that other moms around town were making the same choice to run that day! :)
The girls and I ran, we laughed a bit, and then got into "THE ZONE". If you're a runner, you know THE ZONE. :) When your mind checks out, and your body just finds its groove.....you feel exhilerated, alive, strong, and free - thankful for the legs under you that are taking you out into the early part of the day that many people never see. :) When we got to the most steep hill in town, which WASNT on our route, I asked "Do you want to add to our route and tackle the hill?" They looked at it, then at each other, then at me as they ran towards it. "Okkaaaay", they said hesitantly. I have em a thumbs up, and we took it on. We ran the whole way, even when that hill made us feel like we were nearly running straight up, lungs about to bust, quads and hammies screaming. :) In the end, we ran 7.2 miles with the added hill.
And I almost missed it. I didnt, solely because my little accountability buddies helped me convince myself to SHOW UP. And once running, when we hit that hill, where one or all three of us may have passed on it, or even walked when it got really uncomfortable, we all pushed one another, just by our very presence; to give our all and not just do what we planned, but a little extra. We laid all of our effort onto that pavement; TOGETHER.

As soon as we stepped foot on the base of the driveway, the endorphins kicked in. :) I was flying with that cheerfulness that only comes after hard work. :) Cheerfulness that would have NEVER come had I stayed in bed. That would have brought on regret that I didnt force myself to get up and do it.

THAT'S the fun of accountability. THAT'S why Beachbody decided to connect its customers to other customers called coaches. Cuz we do things for others that we might not do just for ourselves.
Do yourself a favor: set yourself up to succeed. Get some accountability. Log into WOWY and pick a buddy. Contact your coach; ME. :) Cuz alone we can do good things, but TOGETHER....we're so much BETTER!!!
Be blessed!