Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Team Beachbody TOP COACH TRACI MORROW Shares Post Summit Thoughts About Coming Back HOME :)

Wow. What a weekend. (felt more like 2 weeks; so much was packed into those four days!)

I'm not going to get into all the fun business announcements because I posted them on facebook and twitter (if you dont already - follow me please at the links up top as soon as I heard them, as did many of the coaches at the Summit. I'm going to talk about crossing the threshold back into the real world of home, a family I'd left for four days, and balancing what I learned at Summit with home life.

My most important relationship on this earth is with my husband KC. Yesterday was Father's Day and I'd made certain my kids made his day special before I left for the hotel. He is NOT big on surprises (I learned that when he turned 40 and I threw him a surprise party - he was surprised alright, but I later learned that he was NOT thrilled. :) Good thing he has a good poker face ;o)) so I had a family meeting with the kids before I left and told them to write up what they were planning for Fathers Day on Saturday night before they went to bed. ie:

1. We're taking you and Grandpa out to breakfast
2. We'll leave the kitchen clean after our midnight raid :)
3. We're going to be doing the Starbucks run FOR YOU this morning!
4. When Mom comes home, we're all taking you to dinner

They did it, he was honored, and it was a good day. <3 As for me, while I drove home I was pondering, what if KC went away somewhere for days with tons of people who he knew and loved, who I didnt know, would I feel secretly jealous or wonder if he ever wanted anyone else but me? KC is my lovable introverted husband, and has the blessing/curse of having a wife who loves being around people - lots of them. He is wonderful to encourage me to BE ME. While Summit was happening, I got to hug and speak with literally hundreds of folks that I love on various levels of relationship. Men and women. I might feel a little insecure if I were him, truth be told. Maybe a lot. I like hearing that after 20+ years of marriage, I'm still his #1 choice even today. :) I put myself in his shoes knowing that over the weekend, a divide has temporarily occurred. I've experienced something powerful while he was home having a nice, quiet weekend at home with our kids. My number one goal as I walk back through that door: close the gap. I want him to know as I walk through that door that I am most at home WITH HIM, and HIM ALONE. :) <3 I love all those Beachbody family members that I have come to love deeply, but the BALANCE of my life comes from the day to day running of a family with this man that has my full heart. We had a private conversation that will remain private, but I said all I needed to say while hugging him and looking him eye to eye so he knows that without a doubt my life goal is to FINISH WELL. That means old and wrinkley, side by side WITH HIM. :) <3

I share this because I know there are A LOT of Beachbody Coaches who came to Summit alone. And you too cross a threshold back into life with a spouse who didnt experience what you experienced. Close that gap. While Summit is meant to inspire you to build your business with faith in the integrity and message of the company, OUR GOAL is to keep our relationships in tact with those we made promises to "for better or for worse till death do us part". And to do so with passion and integrity and INTENTION...and a smile! :)

I didnt tell him excitedly everything that happened. There will be a time for that. It was Fathers Day and he asked sincerely if I was too tired to go out to dinner. I was DOG tired, but NEVER too tired to celebrate a day that honors him as the DAD of this crazy ginormous family! We went, we had a nice time with NO talk of Beachbody and it was great. HOME. Then we had frozen yogurt (Joseph yelled from the back of the suburban "hey dad - can you get us Blizz?" "I mean,.....can we take you to Blizz for Fathers Day?" :) lol

Long story short: the BALANCE of life is taking all the different experiences and keeping whats REALLY important in its proper place. Dont let powerful experiences confuse you or distract you from the people who you love, but didnt experience it as well. Live it. They'll get it THROUGH you. :) Take control of your emotional response to Summit and dont let it distance you from the people in your life that YOU CHOSE. :) The rewards will be endless and your regrets will be far fewer.


Finish well. Far too many leaders dont, and society suffers when the leaders dont lead well. To the end.

In this with you!