Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From the Mouth of the CEO: C'mon team! Lets Huddle Up In the WOWY Super Gym!! :)

From Carl Daikelers Blog:

I want to see if we can surpass the WOWY Super Gym record at 11AM ET/8AMPT Saturday March 7th.It's the official start of "Dream Extreme Week" leading up to the big Summit. And it's a symbolic test to see if this bold idea of the Beachbody Revolution has yet achieved the power to get people engaged in their health and fitness.Out of a network of over 16,000 coaches, thousands more of Team Beachbody members, plus friends, family and co-workers, can we get more than 522 people to workout at the same time?

I actually don't know. I think so. But I also know that it will take more than me blogging here about it. It will take more than me contacting a few key coaches about it. It will take real leadership from our founders. It will take leadership from our Diamonds. And it will take the enthusiasm of our Ruby and Emerald coaches to get the word out in every way possible from today through the event.One workout on one Saturday. What's possible when we pull together? What's possible when at a minimum, everyone who reads this shows up and brings one person?We'll find out when we kick it off in the WOWY Super Gym at 11AM ET/8AMPT Saturday March 7th for the official start of "Dream Extreme Week".

Will I see you there?

An Interview with a 2009 Million Dollar Body Finalist :) My aunt; 62 year old MARY CRAWFORD!

People like to imitate Success. In fact, thats a leadership building principle. As a coach, I want to help you and anyone reading this hear first hand from a coach on my team (and my favorite title: My aunt :)) who was just honored with being named a $50,000 winner in the Million Dollar Body Game for GETTING HEALTHY!! Imagine that! :)

Please read on to learn a bit about how an ordinary person like you and me took the reins back for her health and fitness!

Make the Dream a Reality!!

What were the biggest things you had to overcome in your journey?
One of the hardest things for me to overcome on my journey was making the decision to start exercising!! It is hard to break old habits and ways of thinking and I knew that once I committed I didn't want to quit! so....I took one day at a time. Each day when I was ready to begin my workout, I said out loud....Mary, just push play!! It worked!!

What are your favorite supplements?
I take the TBB multi-vitamin Activit, Core Omega 3, Core Cal-Mag and Joint Support Formula. I love the Recovery Drink and the yummy Meal Replacement Bars and Shakes.

Which programs did you do – in the order that you did them?
I started with Power 90 and loved it!!! I got great results and still use the 3-4 workouts. The Masters Series is a great one too, and I especially loved the ones with my niece Traci Morrow in them!! :-) The Power half Hour and Slim in Six are great workouts as are Great Bodies Guaranteed and the Ten Minute Trainer!! I have enjoyed mixing them up and getting a fun variety going. I alternate the aerobic and weights but try to do abs daily.

Which is your favorite program for results?
Truly, I think they are all fab...but my sentimental favorite has to be Power 90!

What are some practical things that you notice since being fit?
The biggest thing for me is that I Feel Good!!!! I have way more energy and stamina so I can do things I love.... like playing with my grandkids...and to be completely truthful...I like being fit and trim too!! There is no down side to getting healthy!!

What are some FUN things that have happened since losing the weight?
I literally danced the night away at my nieces wedding and felt great the next day!! One of my brothers asked me how I could keep on going....and I said "TBB Baby!!" It was so much fun!! I love when people notice a difference in me....and ask me what did it?

What was your “Lightbulb Moment” when you realized that it “WAS TIME” to do it. By the book. Everyone’s is different, I’m interested in yours.
I was 61 &1/2 and felt miserable most of the time! My daughters were concerned for me and really encouraged me to make a change....to just try TBB and see if it would make a difference.... and of course it did!!! yippeeeeeeeee

What message would you want to send to people of all ages who are considering going for it?
Becoming fit and healthy is a wonderful way to live the life you have been given. You are worth it and you can do it!!

Are you accepting new people to join your coaching team and if so, how can they connect with you?
I'd love it!! They can email me and I will be happy to help them get started!!

***To contact Mary and get started on your own Team Beachbody Revolution, find her here, and tell her I sent ya: :)


TRACI +7 :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Awesome 8 Finalists have been announced....Now Its OUR turn to vote!

If you could have seen my spunky aunt, Mary Crawford at my cousin Joe's wedding, you would have just thought she was a woman struggling with health issues, though her smile never wavered. :) But the truth is, I was really sad. This lady always dressed cute and acted young, spunky and vibrant, and while her spirit didnt fade, she used a cane, wore special (I'm sorry, somewhat ugly) shoes because of her various aches and pains, wore pants to hide the shoes rather than a dress, and had experienced various health issues related to bone loss due to osteoporosis. I was really sad. This wasnt the aunt I knew and loved! Health issues were stealing her spunk and zest for life!

Her daughters felt the same, and came along side of her and got her to start Power90, then Masters Series, then the X! Yes - this former cane depending, ugly orthotic shoe wearing lovely woman was reclaiming her health!! And.....she did it all at 62 years of age!!!

She's not just an inspiration to those in her age bracket but to women everywhere! We CAN turn back the clocks along with Tony Horton's exercise programs, and she would be a wonderful, humble, smiley representative of the company and of womenkind! :)

Please join me and cast your vote for this wonderfully sweet grandma who CHANGED HER BODY & CHANGED HER LIFE!!!

If you're inspired and are looking to change YOUR life as Aunt Mary has changed hers - please email me today so we can get you started on YOUR journey!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Who do YOU think you are?

The reason I ask is because after having coached fellow Beachbody customers for 6 years now, I've found that how we view ourselves really has a lot to do with what we become. Let me explain.

When I first bought Power90 from an infomercial, I was 32 years old. I had been fit and active in highschool, and taught aerobics several times a week in my early 20's. I had 4 babies in 5 years and put on more weight with each additional baby; tipping the scales at 50+ pounds heavier than I typically weighed when I delivered baby #4 (my last biological child). I was active; I ran a few times a week and lost the weight after each baby with INTENTIONAL effort; eating less and exercising faithfully. At 32 years old, I had a large, young family and I stayed active by continuing to run 1-2 miles 3 or 4 times a week, and I played in 2 different adult soccer leagues on the weekends as a half back (read: lots of running). Makes you want to throw a shoe at me doesnt it? ;o) Well dont yet, cuz my story isnt as cut and dry "I've been healthy all my life, blah blah blah" as that might imply. :) I didnt eat any particularly healthy way - in fact, with our busy lifestyles, and spending lots of time on the soccer and baseball fields for our kids, we ate a lot from the dollar menu at fast food restaurants or the snack bar nachos (eew!!). But because I had youth and metabolism on my side, it didnt show any effects on my weight gain. UNTIL......

It seems like I hit 32 and my metabolism gave up. I had been mistreating my body by not eating healthy and letting my metabolism clean up after me. And forget about VARIETY in my workouts; I found what I liked and parked it there. Everything adjusted and settled into a nice little plateau. And thats when I put on weight; 15 lbs fast, without changing anything I was doing. My pants were getting tighter and I was tired all the time. I was the classic case of a 'bird eater'....I'd eat nothing all day till about 2 (I was busy with toddlers, laundry, schedule, working at the school, and I was a youth pastor for jr. highers, etc...) and then I'd carb load when I got the shakes because I was so starving I ate whatever I could grab on the go. HORRENDOUS HABITS!!! So though I might have looked like I was healthier than someone else who was carrying around some extra weight; I wasnt healthy at all. My metabolism had everyone (including me!) faked out! Until it betrayed me (hee ;o) ) and showed the real effects of what I was doing to my own body. At this rate, I was going to be 30 lbs heavier by the time I turned 33 and the scary part was that I had no idea what I had done wrong, or more importantly, what I needed to do right. Thats a sad and helpless place to be.

Now here's where how I viewed myself comes into play. I knew that extra weight WAS NOT me! I didnt want to say "Well, I'm 30-something, thats what women and men do after they settle down and have a family" HECK NO! I believe God made our bodies to be useful for all sorts of adventures right up to the end, and I want to live life to the FULLEST! :) I dont want to resign to being old, and accept this old body that starts to break alignment with my mind: the YOUTH in me! :) I can still tap into the feelings of being a teenager, cant you? Its funny how though 20 years have gone by, I still FEEL like the same person who walked the halls of my high school, dont you? A song comes on, I smell a scent from the old times, or I watch a movie that I loved as a younger version of myself, and it takes me right back! I want to be an ACTIVE & fun mom - an adventurous and energetic wife - a fun friend - who PLAYS!! :) I still like to pull pranks, do a cartwheel if I see a sunny patch of grass thats perfect cartwheel "space" ;), climb to the top of the rock wall, and I want to be able to still do the splits when I'm 60. :) THATS how I view myself, so when I started my very first Beachbody workout, I did so because I viewed myself as a fit person that needed a new plan. That the extra weight WASNT ME, and it needed to come off. And every day that I worked out and made healthier food choices (the Beachbody CLUB plans were BRILLIANT for helping me learn how to eat right!!) was because I was becoming who I REALLY felt I was: a healthy, fit, youthful, and spunky TRACI. :)

Who YOU think you are deep down, is who you work to be. Does that make sense? If you dont view yourself as fit and thin, then you arent as likely to be vicious about getting there. Its more like "I hope to get there.....but I never was, I've always been chubby, I'm not really an exercise person, I just love food, I dont know if I can, etc. etc. etc. etc." Do any of those sound like the things you've said about yourself, either aloud or just to yourself? Did you know that in doing so, you're setting yourself to be EXACTLY who you believe yourself to be?? Good or Bad.

You have the EXACT same muscles as a fitness/athletic competitor. The only thing separating you from the body you were meant to have is the food and exercise choices you make! You can ABSOLUTELY be fit, healthy, strong, thin, lively!!!!!!!!!!

Really take this in, and print it out somewhere you can see it daily:

The only things standing between the body you have today and the body you WANT to have are YOUR CHOICES!! What will you choose TODAY?

Ignore those voices in your head (that either have come from you or someone else) that have told you you cant do it. Thats simply not true. Its not true that its not in your genetics to be fit. NOT TRUE. Every single body type can be fit and healthy and active and strong. :) Every one. Whether you gain weight first in your hips, or your waist, or your neck, or your rear end, or your arms or in your earlobes...... :) .....every body type can be fit and lean. Start telling yourself NOW who you really are based on who you want to be, and then take those steps to fulfill the dream. I'm not talking about "I'm a lotto winner"....I cant say that will happen if you tell yourself that. :) Statistics probably would show otherwise. But believing yourself to be healthy and fit and WORTHY of that dream is absolutely possible. 100% of the the time! Not bad odds, right?

Set yourself up to succeed and tell yourself that
ITS POSSIBLE. When you work out, envision how strong and lean your muscles are becoming with every rep. Think in the *positive* and it will fuel your desire to BECOME what you believe about yourself!
Tony Horton said to me a few weeks ago "2009 is the year of YES!" :) Man, I love that!!!
Say YES to your healthy dreams and fit hopes for yourself....its YOUR YEAR!!