Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Problem with Shakeology......

I've been using Beachbody's programs and products since I found them back in 2003. Every time they've introduced a new trainer or a new program - I bought it. When they began The Club - I signed up. When they released a whole line of supplements, I started using them. My kids.....they weren't immediate fans. Let me explain. Beachbody and my friendship with Tony represented one thing to them:
"The End of the Good Food". In an effort to set KC and myself up to succeed, we didnt keep ANY food in the house that we were trying to not eat. Consequently, with the elimination of "tempting" foods in my house, it meant my kids got what they got, and didnt have a say. In hindsight, I might have eased them out a bit more slowly, but at the time, I was the "foodnazi" and if it wasnt good; "NONE FOR YOU!!" ;o) It was not uncommon to hear "I HATE that you found Beachbody!" or "Mom, I wish you never met Tony -then we could be eating like we used to!" I laugh now, 6 years later, but it caused MANY arguments within the family when KC and I chose to dramatically alter how we ate. I did it in such a rookie way - but hey - I was a health rookie!

Needless to say, I've had a bit of trouble getting my kids onboard for the whole "healthy lifestyle" I am so excited about. I buy them all Activit every month. I have a cupboard of Activit bottles because they conveniently forget. I think its their personal rebellion. :) But I dont give up!! With the passing of time, I've realized that by eliminating all foods that I wouldnt choose for them to eat was potentially causing TOO MUCH importance to be placed on food and I didnt want closet junk foodies when they went to college. So I've compromised my foodnaziism as far as they are concerned and in turn, its made them less opposed. Amazing how that works. Now that my oldest three are teenagers, the girls suddenly are asking about a healthy food plan, and my son is asking how he can add muscle to his lean frame. :) :) :) Do you SEE me smiling? By me loosening my dictatorship so to speak, over the food rules of the house, I actually enabled them to HEAR me. :) Ahh...we're all learning....even the parents!

Now enter Shakeology - I bought one home direct order for me, and one for KC. That is one month supply for each of us....or it should have been. Until the kids tried it and decided that was the perfect snack when they got home from school, or when they are rushing out the door to music lessons or bible study and they dont want to eat the pizza offered at church. (thats another topic - dont get me started ;o)) And now I find myself in a quandry; all these years I've been DYING for them to eat how I eat and catch the bug - and now that they finally do - I find myself coveting my precious bag of Shakeology!?!?!! What is my problem??? :)
So I ordered more, and it still seems to not be enough. Their friends like it. My toddlers love "Shake-ah-gee". (*though special note here that kids under 3 shouldn't have it daily*) Every time I go to make my own shake, the blender is in the sink soaking and/or worse, the bags empty. ??? Over and over KC or I am giving the lecture "After you make Shakeology, you HAVE to clean the blender for the next guy!!" And while we're on the subject, where are all the banana's and why is the once 'not touched with a 10 foot pole' almond butter suddenly always on the grocery list? The other day I found 4 - not 1, not 2, not 3 - FOUR EMPTY Shakeology bags STILL IN THE CUPBOARD!!! This called for a plan - as of yesterdays visit from the UPS man - I am not only well stocked, but have back up too. ;o) So while I'm thrilled that my kids are finally grasping the healthy Beachbody way - it's taken some unexpected adjusting on my part too! :)

All in all, not a bad problem to have......and one easily remedied!
Do YOU have Shakeology??

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bringin It with the Elderly :)

My mother in law Betty is a sweet little 86 year old woman with dementia. We struggled and struggled earlier this year as it came time to put her into a care facility where she would be taken care of 24/7 but out of her home with her hubby. But God was so faithful every painful step of the way and now here we are - 4 months later and she is doing SO WELL, has many friends, and is even playing along in the daily activities with her new friends. Tonight my daughter Lyndsi's art was in an art show near where Betty lives, so we went to the show and then on to see Betty. Its a funny thing about dementia; it brings people back to childlike ways; no matter who they were or what titles they held as younger men and women. There are nurses, teachers, professors, accountants, and fighter pilots from World War II living here. Each one has a story to tell and when we showed up, we were greeted with big smiles and hugs. I tell ya, its like we're celebrities arriving on the scene. My kids hug all the grandmas and grandpas and are told how cute they are and how much they've grown. Every time. :) Even if they just saw them three days before! :)
So we arrive, and typically take Betty for a walk outside in the garden. She and all the residents use walkers, so she'll grab her walker (or whoevers happens to be closest to where she's sitting - ha!) and we'll head out into the (cool & breezy today) afternoon. I love those times where she tries to remember the names of the flowers and tells me about her friends. :) Today, we ended up with a couple others joining us; we jokingly called ourselves a parade. One of my favorite moments is when we came in and passed by a wall of hats hanging on hooks for "dress up" for the residents. :) We all grabbed one and had a photo moment. :)
But what I really love about this place is that there is daily exercise of the brain and/or body. They get PE! :) What is PE for little elderly people who all use walkers? They sit them all in a big circle in the main living room and today they set up bowling pins with a rubber bowling ball and everyone got to BOWL! :) I volunteered as the pin setter upper (thats an official term ;)) and head "cheerleader", whooping it up as each one set up and bowled. I tell you it was the cutest thing ever. Many didnt remember until they were told by workers "Mr. Gates was a big bowler in his time!" or "Betty used to play in a league for years." and then they'd roll that ball with a bit more attitude than the time before! :)

Everyone got one turn (2-3 rolls) to knock the pins down, before their short attention spans were shot and ready for snack time, but it was SO CUTE! If only I'd logged them into WOWY!? ;o) hee The point here is that you're never too old to get active and find fun ways to get moving - WITH FRIENDS! :) Have a great week!