Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tony Horton Hits the Numbers in VEGAS, BAYBEE!

I've been hosting Tony Horton's Camps for about four years now. :)

When I first met Tony, it was 2003. We hit it off as if we were born to be friends. :) He's one of my favoritest people that walks this earth, and when he asked me to host his camps I was so excited at the opportunity! To be a part of what he brings to people is incredible enough, but to do something so powerful with one of your best friends - now THAT'S an awesome gig! :) And so, the TNT Fit Camps were born (Tony N Traci).

What started as a great idea by message board regular at the time and original Power90 Success Story Tony Mestaz; the first camp was before my time, and it was launched in Santa Monica, CA. Mestaz' brilliant idea was to bring people from the message boards together to meet the man who'd changed their lives, and to spend some time with him at Santa Monica's Original Muscle Beach. I think the number was under 20 participants, but something far beyond his imagination was born.

This last weekend, July 19-20, we hit a high of nearly 90 campers in Las Vegas! People sign up to BRING IT LIVE! with Tony during 4 sweat inducing workouts, and four very informative and entertaining (would you expect anything less from Tony? :)) seminars, where he shares all that he knows packed into two days; which actually feels like four! This camp had what we've been wanting and needing for a long time: a Nutrition Seminar headed up by Tony's personal chef and Nutritionist Melissa Costello. She added what we knew instinctively we needed, but with the perfect timing, she crossed our paths and our newest player was added to the lineup! :) (Lucky us - we LOVE Missy, and not just for her cooking - she's a SWEET, Beautiful woman! :))

JuliAnne Forrest has also been added to the team, though campers wont fully understand or appreciate how critical her behind the scenes role is, as we do. Well, other than their camp experience being as smooth as oil. :) As our behind the scenes organizer and administrative genius Jules makes sure that i's are dotted and t's are crossed! With the number of attendees growing at camp, and my family numbers having grown at home ;), we were in desperate need of someone to book us, organize the crew and money matters, so that we could concentrate on camp and on what people were coming for: Tony Time! :)

So here are a few snapshots of our weekend. It doesnt matter what level of fitness you're at, if you have a desire to come...COME! Tony is the master of encouragement and alternate moves, so whether you have 100+ pounds to lose, or have completed the X+ multiple times - this camp is for you! Please visit the official site for future listings of a THFC:!

We cant wait to meet YOU at a camp!



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Team GENESIS Summit :)

We had such a great time at our Vegas Team Building Summit! :) We had coaches come from Hawaii all the way to New York to share, learn, CRACK UP, and just BE a team! A special thanks to Kevin and Milan Jensen, Doug and Tammie Fitzgerald, Dave and Anne Dovel, Kory Edwards, & Randy Watson for your presentations about team building with integrity and through relationship! I took lots of notes, and hope to share the crib notes with the people I am entrusted to coach!

In Summary:

Milan led us in a fun team buidling game, and then as she spoke, I learned that in conversations I/we should:

1. Set my intention for the conversation
2. Think: "How do I want my words to make this person feel?"
3. Think: "What do I want them to take away from this conversation?"

When we are intentional in our conversations with people (our spouse, kids, friends, coaches, customers) we will both leave those conversations blessed and having accomplished something, and not left wondering what the heck just happened?! (anyone been there?)

Then I learned from the Fitzgerald/Dovel team that its important to Develop a Plan as I build my team of coaches, and then Keep it Simple! :) It boils down to these three points:

1. Here's what we're doing.
2. Here's where we're going.
3. Come along!

I learned that inside every person is a "Dreamer", a "Doubter", and a "Realist".

1. Our Dreamer holds our deepest desires; that place where we dream big;
2. Our Doubter holds us back sometimes and tells us (sometimes in our own voice, sometimes in the voices of those who have actually spoken them to us) WHY we CANT do it, and
3. Our Realist is the part of us that helps us find the balance between what we WANT to do, and what NEEDS to be done, and helps us figure out a plan of strategy to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

They all work together to help us find balance, but I felt encouraged to really listen to my "Dreamer". :) For me personally, its that part of me that really connects with what I feel God has for me, in spite of what fear might tell me cant be done! Oh, that blasted FEAR!! What a loudmouthed liar it is!!!

Kory Edwards shared from the heart all about the impact we can have on people's lives for decades to come. He spoke of his own experience in another fitness based company that he and his wife were a part of; how years later, after people had gained back the weight they'd lost with them years before - that they felt comfortable to come back because they knew he and his wife were there to help! THATS COACHING! :) Total acceptance and love - thats what I'm talkin about!!

He also shared how his worst nightmare came true when his wife was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a short time later, and how that caused him to dig deep into what he really believed about life and the afterlife, as well as really putting his core message to trial by fire: that living a healthy, fit lifestyle is worth it for optimal living...TODAY. We really dont have any idea how much time we have on this earth - lets make the most of what we've been given and help others do the same! What a gentle giant. :) Love that guy! Doug Couch came up later and said "Thanks to Kory, I just fell in love with a man for the first time in my life." :) Couch...that guy makes me smile just thinking of his humor and delivery. :) But I think we all fell in love with Kory that day as he spoke from his heart in front of his team: a group of strangers at 9am, but by 5pm: FAMILY.

Lastly, Randy talked about talking to professionals about the Team Beachbody opportunity! He encouraged us to:

1. Be Prepared. Professionals will not waste time. (actually, no one wants their time wasted!)
2. Be organized.
3. Be brief
4. Be confident
5. Look professional
6. Listen - DONT SELL (EW!!!) - dont worry that they wont be interested!

What we have with Team Beachbody is something that every person needs whether they know it or not. Our goal is to share it with them - the opportunity to have optimal health, and to help others have that too - in such a way that we are genuine in extending hope to people! :)

If you missed this: our third Team Genesis Summit, you now have the summary. :) But there's nothing like "huddling up" with friends who are likeminded - even friends you've never met - to encourage one another to be the best possible versions of ourselves! :)

Sooo HAPPY to be in this with you -

TOGETHER....we're BETTER!! :)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tony Horton Fitness Camp in VEGAS

I'm heading to Vegas for the weekend! :)

Our team is having a team building day on Friday, and then Tony's camp kicks off on Saturday Morning. :)

I've been helping Tony with his camps for four years now, and we always have such a fun time. People come from all over, at all different fitness levels to work out, learn from him in his seminars, and connect with people they've met through the amazing Beachbody community of people. People just like you and me who want to be healthy and fit for life, and do so with friends! :)

I'll be posting lots of photos (similar to the silly one above of us sneaking some chocolate mousse pie at an LA Camp). I hope they will inspire you to consider saving your pennies for one of our camps! You'll never be sorry you did!

For more info on attending a Tony Horton Fitness Camp, please go to
Check back for fun updates from both the coaching training (something we offer our team twice a year) and Tony's Camp!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Testing your EQ: how strong is your running emotional intelligence?

The following article/personal test is an exerpt from Runners World Magazine, and though its designed specifically for runners, it goes for anyone who is working out on a regular schedule and experiences physical pain that wouldn't be considered within the "normal" range.

Take this test, plug it into your personal fitness, and see how you measure up. If your score is mostly a's and b's, you need to work on taking your emotion out of your decision and make your decisions based on long term fitness/health goals!

Since I was a young girl I have always loved survey's and T/F questionaire's. I hope you do too. Enjoy! :)

1. During your cooldown at the local track, an older guy flies past you. You:

a. Speed up, pushing yourself until you pass him.
b. Stick with your cooldown, but think, I hope no one saw that geezer lapping me.
c. Think, Wow, he's in great shape for his age, and return your focus to your workout.

2. Worried you won't sleep the night before your first marathon, you:

a. Take a sleeping pill that night.
b. Don't do anything. Being keyed up may help you perform better.
c. Visualize the hours leading up to the start, picturing yourself calm, relaxed, and in control.

3. A few weeks before a race, your doctor says you have plantar fasciitis and tells you to stop running for a month. You:

a. Continue running through the pain.
b. Hammer out workouts on the eliptical machine so you can keep in shape for race day.
c. Pick a different race goal and cross-train until you're ready to resume running and racing.


If you answered mostly As, your EQ is low. You give in to your emotions and react to them, looking for a quick fix, rather than managing them for long-term health and happiness.

If you answered mostly Bs, your EQ is average. You're aware of your feelings but could improve on how you manage them.

If you answered mostly Cs, your EQ is high. You have emotioal awareness and you practice the right methods for managing your feelings.

Let's all aim for mental, physical, and emotional awareness, with our goals for long term optimal health and fitness! :)