Monday, March 17, 2008

More Pics from the Beachbody Gala :)

Kimberly Barnett -
one of the

$250,000 winners! :) She's a TeamGENESIS Coach! :) WOOHOOO! I spoke with her on the phone just after she'd been to the bank - she said it was the WEIRDEST feeling to cash a check for $250,000!!! All those zeros!! :)

Gwyn aka Gmearth from the boards.
:) Love her!

Jason doing his thing for a fun "surprise" to the guests. I'll bet it was WAY cool for the band to get to play back up to the lead singer of Chicago. :) He was of course....a HAM. :) (what's funny is that he held this ridiculous pose for SO long while my lame camera booted up :) good sport that he is!)

Judy Z. and me. :) Judy is such a blessing to me!

Tony, Mason, and me. :) The QVC crew. ;o)

The winners up on stage at the Gala. :)


does this pose look comfortable to you?

Its not.


Some of My Favorite "things" are PEOPLE! :)

Man, we have a fun group of people doing this Beachbody coaching thing! :)

Here is a shot of me and my sweet Brina - $50,000 winner for her results with Turbo Jam and P90X. :) Isnt she lovely? (makes me look like Skipper to her Barbie) :)

Here is a shot of Mark Briggs, Tony, Jason Scheff and me. The P90X+ crew, minus Mace.

Jason :) We've exchanged emails and posts for so long -it was fun to meet face to face, though I felt like we'd known one another for years. :) Thats the way the message boards are. :)

Mark Briggs: My Friend "Nacho". :)

Tammie Fitz. :) She's a fav of mine. :)

Shaun T. He is, in the words of Tony Horton: a

My cutie cousins.

Are you asking: "WHERE THE HECK DID MY COACH GO??"

I've been all over, crossing through three time zones in the last three days alone! :) Not my regular schedule, but sometimes life just happens all at once! :)

The FIRST EVER Beachbody Coaching Summit was on March 7th, but our team huddled up a day early and met at the hotel on the 6th for a GREAT Summit of our own! :)

Milan, our fearless leader, came down with a kidney stone and was calling me from the ER (NOT KIDDING) to update me on what the day will look like should she not be able to attend. GULP. I was all serene on the phone, so she wouldnt worry, but in my heart I'm thinking two things "WHAT??? How can we do this without you??" but also " CANT get sick!" This trip to Hawaii (Top Coach trip) was the first thing she said she's ever won. :( For her to miss it would be heartbreaking!!

She did in fact miss nearly the whole TeamGENESIS Summit, :( (boo hoo) but thankfully Doug and Tammie Fitzgerald and Doug Couch stepped in and helped it all come together. :) At the end, she MIRACULOUSLY passed her stone (I know - it just SOUNDS painful, poor woman) and was able to make it down for the final moments, (YAY!)where her sister Mandy was able to present her with a book of thank you letters from our team for all she does for us. :D And she DID end up getting to go to Hawaii, thank you, Lord! It just would have been WRONG if she didnt get to go!

So that was the 6th!
I roomed with Coach Kit Caldicott - Tony Horton's sister - and we had a GREAT time as roomies! :) She's just a fun woman to hang out with. :)

That night, we all met for a fun night at the bowling alley where tons of TeamGEN coaches were treated to food, drinks, and a night of bowling to build some team spirit! :) I'd say that goal was more than accomplished! :)

Here are some pics from the event! Hope you enjoy!