Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Team Beachbody TOP COACH TRACI MORROW Shares Post Summit Thoughts About Coming Back HOME :)

Wow. What a weekend. (felt more like 2 weeks; so much was packed into those four days!)

I'm not going to get into all the fun business announcements because I posted them on facebook and twitter (if you dont already - follow me please at the links up top as soon as I heard them, as did many of the coaches at the Summit. I'm going to talk about crossing the threshold back into the real world of home, a family I'd left for four days, and balancing what I learned at Summit with home life.

My most important relationship on this earth is with my husband KC. Yesterday was Father's Day and I'd made certain my kids made his day special before I left for the hotel. He is NOT big on surprises (I learned that when he turned 40 and I threw him a surprise party - he was surprised alright, but I later learned that he was NOT thrilled. :) Good thing he has a good poker face ;o)) so I had a family meeting with the kids before I left and told them to write up what they were planning for Fathers Day on Saturday night before they went to bed. ie:

1. We're taking you and Grandpa out to breakfast
2. We'll leave the kitchen clean after our midnight raid :)
3. We're going to be doing the Starbucks run FOR YOU this morning!
4. When Mom comes home, we're all taking you to dinner

They did it, he was honored, and it was a good day. <3 As for me, while I drove home I was pondering, what if KC went away somewhere for days with tons of people who he knew and loved, who I didnt know, would I feel secretly jealous or wonder if he ever wanted anyone else but me? KC is my lovable introverted husband, and has the blessing/curse of having a wife who loves being around people - lots of them. He is wonderful to encourage me to BE ME. While Summit was happening, I got to hug and speak with literally hundreds of folks that I love on various levels of relationship. Men and women. I might feel a little insecure if I were him, truth be told. Maybe a lot. I like hearing that after 20+ years of marriage, I'm still his #1 choice even today. :) I put myself in his shoes knowing that over the weekend, a divide has temporarily occurred. I've experienced something powerful while he was home having a nice, quiet weekend at home with our kids. My number one goal as I walk back through that door: close the gap. I want him to know as I walk through that door that I am most at home WITH HIM, and HIM ALONE. :) <3 I love all those Beachbody family members that I have come to love deeply, but the BALANCE of my life comes from the day to day running of a family with this man that has my full heart. We had a private conversation that will remain private, but I said all I needed to say while hugging him and looking him eye to eye so he knows that without a doubt my life goal is to FINISH WELL. That means old and wrinkley, side by side WITH HIM. :) <3

I share this because I know there are A LOT of Beachbody Coaches who came to Summit alone. And you too cross a threshold back into life with a spouse who didnt experience what you experienced. Close that gap. While Summit is meant to inspire you to build your business with faith in the integrity and message of the company, OUR GOAL is to keep our relationships in tact with those we made promises to "for better or for worse till death do us part". And to do so with passion and integrity and INTENTION...and a smile! :)

I didnt tell him excitedly everything that happened. There will be a time for that. It was Fathers Day and he asked sincerely if I was too tired to go out to dinner. I was DOG tired, but NEVER too tired to celebrate a day that honors him as the DAD of this crazy ginormous family! We went, we had a nice time with NO talk of Beachbody and it was great. HOME. Then we had frozen yogurt (Joseph yelled from the back of the suburban "hey dad - can you get us Blizz?" "I mean,.....can we take you to Blizz for Fathers Day?" :) lol

Long story short: the BALANCE of life is taking all the different experiences and keeping whats REALLY important in its proper place. Dont let powerful experiences confuse you or distract you from the people who you love, but didnt experience it as well. Live it. They'll get it THROUGH you. :) Take control of your emotional response to Summit and dont let it distance you from the people in your life that YOU CHOSE. :) The rewards will be endless and your regrets will be far fewer.


Finish well. Far too many leaders dont, and society suffers when the leaders dont lead well. To the end.

In this with you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Beachbody Coach is Just a Customer Reaching Out To Fellow Customers!

What a fun day to film a coaching training video with my boys :)
Love our Products & Company!

I'd love to have you join me!
Where my passion for helping people meets my passion for fitness!

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Shakeology & Darin Olien Featured in May's O Magazine

I have a shake every day for breakfast or lunch. That shake? SHAKEOLOGY This month, Oprah featured its co-creator in her O Magazine. After you read it, if you want it, get it HERE

O’s editor in chief travels to Peru to experience a trove of life-giving superfoods that just might revolutionize your view of nutrition.

The Superfoods That Could Change the Way You Eat, Feel, and Live

By Susan Casey
Apr 05, 2011

Around 4 o’clock on any given morning, Darin Olien will walk into his Malibu, California, kitchen and make himself a smoothie. This will not be an ordinary drink. The other day, for example, he tossed the following into his blender: coconut water, fermented sprouted brown rice, maca, aloe vera juice, barley grass powder, kamut juice powder, almond butter, camu camu, avocado, goji, lucuma powder, noni juice, cacao nibs, MSM, maqui, bee pollen, sacha inchi oil, omega-3-DHA/EPA oil, Hawaiian deepwater salt, chia seeds, nopal, goat yogurt, luo han guo, and a powder called Shakeology.

If you’ve never heard of many of these ingredients, you’re not alone. But stay with me here, because they’re among the most powerful nutrients on Earth. Olien’s specialty is what’s known as “formulating,” taking wildly beneficial substances and combining them into something even more potent: a supplement, a snack, a tea, a medicine, a smoothie. Every food in nature contains a mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, along with noncaloric vitamins, minerals, fibers-all of which fuel our cells-and each one has unique abilities that we really don’t understand, but it is now clear that some foods pack an extra biochemical punch. Camu camu fruit, for instance, provides the richest source of vitamin C known to exist. Maca, a hearty root that grows only in the high Andes, comes in yellow, red, and black varieties, boosts fertility, is said to balance hormones, and dispenses a day’s worth of kick-ass energy. Sacha inchi is another South American treasure, a protein-rich, metabolism-revving nut that delivers an omega-3 bonanza. Olien’s final ingredient, Shakeology, contains more than 70 components itself, a crazy cornucopia of good.

No one understands Shakeology better than Olien, who created it in 2008, after Carl Daikeler, CEO of the fitness company Beachbody, challenged him to come up with a supplement to match the tagline The Healthiest Meal of the Day. His customer was someone who wanted optimum wellness, wanted to lose weight, wanted cholesterol levels to drop-but had no intention of eating a platter of broccoli each day. Daikeler gave Olien no limits on quality, no cost/revenue restrictions; the goal was to shoot the moon, to seek out and combine the most extraordinary plants, fruits, nuts, herbs-nature’s secret weapons. And Olien found them: ashwagandha from China, cordyceps from Bhutan, yacon from Peru. An alphabet of vitamins and minerals from the purest sources. Prebiotics. Probiotics. Green tea and grapeseed extracts, chlorella and spirulina and hydrilla, a spectrum of enzymes. Since hitting the market in March 2009, more than 400,000 bags of Shakeology, at $119.95 each, have been sold.

For the rest of the article go to

Want it?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Saying Goodbye.....

Are we ever really prepared for a loved one to pass, even in old age? How in the world can one EVER prepare?

As many of you know, we decided not to take the Top Coach Beachbody Bahama Reward Cruise as all of our kids couldn't get passports in time. (long story) I made the decision that this years trip was "all or nothing" and decided to instead have a spectacular spring break trip! :)

That week, back on the home front, we all enjoyed looking at the photos going up on facebook, sad to be missing out, but at peace with the decision. After all, this business is to provide FREEDOM to have more family time - and my family is always the priority with me, as I'm sure yours is for you. :) Nothing ground shaking happened that week, but a few nice moments with my kiddos, and a MAJOR decision to move my sweet little mother in law to a new home. KC's mom has been in a dementia home for the last three years and we've loved where she'd been, but for the last few months - she'd been moved to the convalescent hospital part of the facility due to a few trips to the ER needing an oxygen mask. I HATED her being in that convalescent home. The staff were SO kind, but they were terribly understaffed, so she many times didnt have her hair or dentures clean or washed, and WAY too much of the time she was just wheeled out into the hallway; SITTING in an old wheelchair. Alone. :( It KILLED us, and we were praying and looking for another option. Because of our age, not many, if any of our friends have had to deal with this yet so it was a real learning curve for us.

The week of the cruise, a friend of KC's who meets regularly with him for weekly Christian accountability, listened as KC shared our concerns and told him about a wonderful place where he'd just moved HIS mom. Oh, the power of referrals! KC made a call that day and he and I moved her within days. It was a GREAT homey place, and I decorated her room with photos and flowers (an avid gardener in days past, I made sure flowers followed her <3 ). She was well fed (including Chocolate Shakeology twice a day for snack and vitamins :)), clean, hair styled daily, and comfy in her recliner chair from home. My gauge was always "would I want to be here?" and at this new place, the answer was YES! :) It didn't feel as bad to leave her, knowing there were always one worker to three residents. I saw her the week before we left to spend spring break at the beach, and KC took the boys the day we left (Saturday).

Monday morning, we were awakened to the news that she'd passed away. So after one full day of fun in the sun, our vacation spot turned to a grieving and healing spot as we've begun to walk down the path of loss, and the planning of her burial and Remembrance Gathering at our home next week.

A mom is a role never to be replaced. We were grateful to have had her for as long as we did. She was 88. These last few years of caring for her in her dementia were a gift from God as she was softened by the disease (she was one tough cookie!) and became so childlike and adorable. Yes, there are hard moments of dementia, but overall she was a joy to care for and give back to her as I know God would have us honor her.

I have no regrets in my relationship with her. That was purposeful. I said all I wanted to say, she said things to me that I will cherish forever, and that will remain between the two of us women who love her son, and I will forever be grateful that I got to know her in the capacity that I did. I learned so much from her, and though I'm close to my own mom, she and I shared a very unique and special bond that can never be replaced, nor would I want it to be.

Della Elizabeth "Betty" Morrow will live on in the strong women who are her granddaughters, in her grandsons who loved to play under her smiling gaze, and in the loyalty she modeled to her family. I will miss her greatly and am better for having known her. <3

Friday, April 1, 2011

Look What Arrived!! :)

SOOO excited! For those of you who still want to join but dont have your book yet - NEVER FEAR!! I am heading to the beach for spring break with my family and plan to start on Monday, April 11th.
So get your book ordered and plan to begin your 90 days of spiritual and physical fitness GROWTH on that day! :)


Does This Song Play in YOUR House?

This video is the hot topic among teens and early 20-somethings, in case you're that rare person who doesn't know the words to this song already. :) This young girl made a video in the hopes of getting discovered and it spread virally through YouTube. It has nearly 73,000,000 hits already - that's right - nearly 73 MILLION! Kids hate this song, and yet.....even I know the words because it plays so much.

Before my assistant Brittany came in last Friday, she sent me a text saying "Its Friday...Friday...gotta get down on Friday...." :) Like Tony Horton says about P90X: "We hate it, but we love it." :)

You may hate me for getting this song stuck in your head, but I thought, well, misery loves company..... ;o) And it is catchy afterall!

"...gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal....." :) HAPPY FRIDAY!!! :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slow Starting Thursday

Today DID NOT start out how I thought it would. I woke up at 5:30am, did my bible study (I'm in Hebrews), made my bed, and headed out to the garage/gym to get my workout in. As I walked through the kitchen to get to the garage in the dark of morning, I stopped in my tracks.

Teenagers had struck.

The kitchen and living room looked like the troops had stormed in, did as much damage as they could, and rushed out just as fast as they'd come. Sink overflowing with dirty dishes, dishwasher full of clean dishes, stove top slopped with cheese, the rice cooker out, and full of quinoa that had big scoops out of it and the rest burnt to the bottom of the cooker, cups of water, empty and partially empty bowls, water bottles, used napkins, leftover dinner containers emptied and sitting out. You get the idea. There was NO WAY I was heading to the garage to workout only to start my day with a filthy kitchen.

So as I went to work in that mess I mumbled to myself, grumbled out loud to no one in particular, and wondered how in the world they could NOT get that the kitchen shouldnt be slaughtered like that and left to greet me in the morning. It was a good thing it was early and they wouldnt get out to the kitchen for a bit cuz I was fit to be tied.

By the time I wiped the counters clean and started the emptied-then-refilled dishwasher, the first of the teens came out. I had some words to say, but by then my tone was MUCH calmer than it would have been about 40 minutes earlier, and I got my point across in no uncertain terms. I got hugs and apologies and they got my message loud and clear.

So that was my morning. I mopped the kitchen and cleaned the entry bathroom and am so thankful for fit club tonight so I can get my workout in after all. But my point is that sometimes the morning starts out slapping you down - whether its a disastrous kitchen, or a botched deadline at work, or a mountain of paperwork, or bad news, or _________ (you fill in the blank), and its up to us to roll with it and not let it throw off the whole day.

Today is still not over yet, but its not been bad after all. I've had a GREAT conversation with my Success Partner and dear friend Doug Fitzgerald, followed by another good call with fellow Beachbody Coach and friend Perry Tinsley, and my sweet assistant Brittany brought me my favorite coffee. :)

And my kitchen was clean. :) At least for the 6 hours the kids were at school. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paul Study :)

Hey Friends! :)

Update: I've heard from some of you that ordered your Paul (**Thank you Lori J for reminding me that its NOT Daniel, but Paul that I've signed us all up to study! LOL) Beth Moore Bible Study book and it's already arrived at your door...uh?!? Whats up with that - I posted the idea AFTER I'd ordered mine and its still not here?!?! What in the wide world of sports is going on? BooHoo!

So wait for me - my book should be here any day - I will be embarking on this 90 day study very soon and want to do this TOGETHER. :)

Waiting patiently for my Bible Study to arrive......was that the door bell?? ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Want To Join Me?

I just ordered this book this morning and plan to embark on a journey with the worlds most famous evangelist through the guidance of my favorite female author Beth Moore. Care to join me? I'd love to go through it together and share our thoughts and insights these next 90 days! :) I say, we begin a 90 day workout program at the same time as we seek to grow physically and spiritually. If you're interested (why not?!?! Go for it!! Dont make me grow alone! ;) ) just click on the link to the side and purchase your copy today! Let's GROW TOGETHER!! :)

Let me know if you're going to join me on my journey!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Team Beachbody Top Coach 2009

Team Beachbody Top Coach 2008

When I started this business I knew NOTHING about it. :) That just goes to show you that you can DO and LEARN at the same time, and be successful. All it takes is a desire, an interest, and a love for helping people. Servant leadership.

1st Ever Top Coach Video from 2007 - What an Honor! :)

For Women, Aged 35-50

This may be TMI for you guys, so feel free to either pass this link on to your wife or sister, and I’ll see you on the next one. ;)

My mom gave my older sister a book when she turned 40, 10 years ago. Last year, as I approached my 40th birthday I reminded her of the book.

"I’d love a copy of that book you gave to Sister, Mom”, (we’re very unique with our nicknames for one another aren’t we? ;) ) “my body’s doing some weird stuff and I think I may be in the beginning stage of perimenopause.”
“Oh TRACI, you’re young and in such great shape – you’re already having symptoms?”, my mom asked, trying to remember the name of the book. “Terri (my sister) and I were at least 45 before we started in.”

But you know your own body. You KNOW when things are different. I was barely 40 years old and suddenly everything I knew to be pattern, routine and normalcy with my body suddenly were all over the map. My “28-days-to-the-hour” cycle now was anything but predictable. I noticed a layer of fat forming over my abs and backside that had NEVER been there, even though my eating was the same. I was VERY tired, though I was faithfully taking my supps, eating clean, and drinking my Shakeology healthy meal replacement shake and exercising 4-6 times a week. I was more emotional, was experiencing insomnia, and waking up drenched in sweat. Sound familiar? Well, if so, this book will help you navigate this new path in your health journey informed and educated as you decide what you’ll do to manage and monitor your hormone levels.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that I have spoken with my gynecologist about the changes. She ran quite a few tests to make sure it is the natural process of perimenopause and not something more serious or dangerous. (I had a mammogram, blood work, and a uterine scrape (in addition to my regular pap exam) to test for uterine cancer. Everything came back normal after a brief scare. whew!) Together, she and I are charting the best plan of action for me, but I’m also researching additional ways to help with mood swings and night sweats. This is a day and age of knowledge on the web and I want to encourage all of you reading this to not just take a medication just because your doctor tells you to, but to search for what is THE BEST plan for YOU. I’m researching and finding out what works for me, and I encourage you to do the same. Times are changing and so is the way people approach aging and change. “Taking your health back” doesn’t just mean getting fit again but also researching whats out there now. Reading a book like this is a GREAT help.

We’re in this TOGETHER. :) I’ll keep sharing with you as I learn, and I hope you’ll do the same with others.

Closing out with page 11 from the book, where there is a check list of symptoms for you to see if you may be in perimenopause. Every woman won’t have every symptom obviously, but see if any of these match up for you:

Irregular Periods
PMS symptoms – bloating, cramps, breast tenderness
hot flashes and night sweats
insomnia and fatigue
heart palpitations
mood swings and irritability
migraine headaches
memory problems
fuzzy thinking or inability to concentrate
dry, itchy, irritated skin
dry or thinning hair
brittle nails
weight gain, especially around the middle
pain with intercourse
loss of interest in sex
joint pain
irritable bowel syndrome

If this lines up with what you’re going through, please purchase the book and make an appt with your gynecologist. We’ll get through this…TOGETHER. :)