Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer's Here - are you ready?! :)

And I dont just mean bathing suit ready! Nope - the kids are coming home for a few months full time, and that means a messy living room - messy kitchen - friends coming and going - wet towels laying wherever they were dropped! Its enough to make a mom go mad! ;o)

My solution to keeping sane this summer? Make sure you carve out some quiet time for yourself each day, and EXERCISE too! :) I like to wake up each day and spend some time in my bible, and listening for God's voice. :) Starting out my day with some time with him always means a good day - whether crazy things happen or not. Also - when stress happens, (and it does when you have 6 kids with active social lives) exercising just keeps me.....grounded. Level headed. Cheerful even! :)

I love my kids, and I wouldnt trade em for the world, but gosh sometimes they drive me bananas. Sometimes I'm a yelling, not so patient mom. Sometimes I've been known to say "Get out of this house and DO SOMETHING ACTIVE - I need a time out from you, and that means you all go outside and leave me in peace!" :D When they come back, we're all the better for that "mom time out".

The first two weeks after school lets out for the summer is what I call "School Detox". They are rude to each other, snap at one another, lazy, and dont know how to co exist. Its happened every summer for as long as I can remember. Then.....ahhhh. They get into the groove of the new schedule and routine and how to be around one another (and me!) again all day and its a peaceful home (mostly) again. It doesnt make it any easier to deal with them in the two weeks, but I know its coming, so I brace myself and take lots of little breaks in the garage where NO ONE else is. :) QUIET. Ahh....

I say all this now because next Thursday is their last day of school. :) That also happens to be "Moving Day" for the Morrows. GULP. Lots going on for one day, but thats the way life seems to happen. Nothing....nothing....nothing....and then suddenly 3 things happening all at once!

Lets take this summer, all you moms out there, and really focus on spending one on one time with EACH of our kids (no matter how many you have) and connect with them. Lets look beyond their annoying stages and see them for who they *really* are. That adult in there that will be our friend one day, when puberty has come and gone. :) Plan fun activities and try not to lecture them AT ALL while we're doing them! (thats a special note to MYSELF :) ) And lets work to keep our own stress at bay by pressing play a minimum of 5 times a week!

Summer is coming! :) Lets make it a summer to remember!!Much love!

TRACI +7 :)